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What We Offer

Window Cleaning Pricing

Note we have a $100 minimum charge.
e.g. 20 casement windows exterior cleaning - 20 x 4.25= $85. $100 will be charged to customer.
e.g. 20 casement windows interior and exterior cleaning- (20 x 4.25= $85) $80 x 1.90= $160 will be the charge.

The prices listed above are for residential customers only and may vary depending on the height (3rd story or higher) and size (extra large-like in a great room) of windows being cleaned, which are usually charged at 2x to 3x their normal price. These prices are per side. To estimate for both interior and exterior simply calculate the price for one side and multiply that by 1.90.

Screen Cleaning

As part of our standard exterior window cleaning service a quick wipe down of screen frames is included. A detailed "wet" washing and drying of the frames and screen material is $4 per screen. Note on exterior only jobs you will need to remove all screens not accessible from ground level.

Window Screen Repair

Years of sunlight can degrade the mesh material, plastic corners and pull tabs of window screens. Making them brittle. We can rescreen and repair the corners and pull tabs while saving the existing aluminum frames.
Screen remesh = $45
Screen remesh and pull tab/corner upgrade = $55

Gutter Cleaning Pricing

e.g. A home with 100ft of gutters and 4 downspouts "max price"=$220. But if only 50ft and 2 downspouts are acutally dirty the "adjusted price" = $110

Gutter cleaning costs $2 per linear foot and $5 per down spout. WE ONLY CHARGE YOU FOR THE FOOTAGE WE ACUTALLY CLEAN!!